Es martes y nos toca «Sexy World Girl» con las canadienses más hermosas

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ЖИЛЬЁ . Я специально искала не квартиру, а roommate. Это намного дешевле и интереснее, чем жить одной. Сама не понимаю почему я до сих пор не созрела на каучсерфинг. Но пока так) 📍 Я арендую комнату у Никиты. Но ни разу Его не видела. И паспорт не проверяла. Как и он мой😉 Говорят, Никита повар и хороший человек. 📍 SO, Найти жильё в Торонто можно не только через Airbnb. Есть много других ресурсов. 📍 Ещё со мной живет студентка Лиза и мексиканка с белым котом. У кота глаза разных цветов и зовут его то от Арума то ли Арими. Утро я трачу на то, что очищаю темные вещи от его белой шерсти. 📍 Кот первое время шипел и претендовал на ванную комнату, но сейчас получше. Мексиканку не могу запомнить имя. Но и не особо стараюсь, она 29 съезжает вместе со своим белоснежным другом. Вместо неё у меня будут новые соседи. 📍 Лиза @lisa.patiukova помогает мне советами и мы уже даже вместе стирали. Это очень сближает. 📍 Я живу в отличном районе, рядом метро, маркеты, парк и мажорные дома. Вроде все рассказала, спрашивайте если что-то интересно) . . . . . #toronto #streetsoftoronto #torontocity #canadagirls #modelcanada #york #downtowntoronto #urbanlife #urbanfashion #torontoclx #torontofashion #photographertoronto #borsuk_life

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I remember having no idea how I would go to school for power engineering and pay for it all myself along the way without working, but I did know that I would make it happen. . I remember having no idea idea how to track my spending. Then I had a mentor who taught me how to track everything and it opened up so much awareness so I could spend my money even smarter and so I would hold myself accountable to aligning my spending with what I wanted to do and feel most in my life. . I remember having every single emotion when I left my 6 figure career to go back to school and to be leaving the known to pursue the unknown. . When I graduated with my diploma in Natural Nutrition debt free while not working in school, that was even more exciting than when I graduated power engineering debt free because I faced many health struggles along the way. . I didn’t always have the answers, but I believed in myself because I knew that I would make whatever I set my mind to, come true. I took gigantic leaps of faith when others told me I was crazy, then later on they said how proud of me they were for me having the courage to do what I did and they admired me making my happiness a priority and not just staying somewhere because it was comfortable. . I took the road less traveled and I can tell you that if you keep doing the same thing that you are currently doing, you are not going to get where you want to. . You can’t follow the same path or take advice from people who are stuck. . You need to follow and learn from mentors who are living the life that you want to live, who have overcome the mental and emotional blocks that you are currently facing. I learned from others who struggled and still managed to come out on top because of the mindset and habits that they developed. . If you are new to taking back control of your finances, thank you for being here and for having the courage to be open to learning about how to improve your situation. I am excited for you to become more confident with your money and to learn the financial education that you never received in school. . Click the link in my bio to accelerate your money journey. 💙

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